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Sooner or later, your character is going to want to specialize, sending his or her heroic career in a particular direction. In addition to multiclassing freely among the six basic classes, eventually your character will qualify to take level in an advanced class.

An advanced class represents a focus and a calling for the experienced adventurer. It provides a specialization and a range of power and ability to give a character something extra to set them apart.

The best characters combine levels of basic and advanced classes to their ultimate advantage, select the class at each level that will give them the class skills and talents they need to develop further.

Although each advanced class naturally builds from a certain basic class, every advanced class is available to all character who fulfill the prerequisites of the class, regardless of what basic classes they have gained levels in. The advanced classes are listed below.

Qualifying for an Advanced Class

Advanced classes are like basic classes, except that they have requirements that must be met before you can attain 1st level in the class. A character who qualifies can choose an advanced class as an additional class as they gain levels, using the Multiclass rules. Some combination of base attack bonus, feats, and skill ranks determines whether a character is eligible to gain a level in an advanced class.

According to the rules for level advancement, you must choose your new class first. Then you gain new abilities, or features, such as an increased base attack bonus, or mower skill points to spend. If those new abilities or features make you eligible for an advanced class, you can take your first level in that class the next time you attain a new level.

Advanced classes are designed so that characters can select them as early as 4th level with a little planning, though some characters may not be able to qualify for an advanced class until later in their heroic careers.

The List of Advanced Classes


Skilled diplomats and dignitaries armed with a deep understanding of politics and a heightened awareness of the importance of compromise. Ambassadors can mediate disputes among individuals, organization, nations or worlds deviate by opposing ideologies, philosophies, and politics. Thy bring keen perception and insight to the table, striving to advance their employers’ agenda without compromising their own integrity or betraying the trust place in them as representatives.


The Bodyguard makes security their specialty. They know how to keep someone safe and how to provide personal protection to the utmost degree. The Bodyguard can be more than a security specialist. They might be part private detective, part hired muscle. They might serve as a driver or other personal aide, in addition to being ready at all times to offer protection to their client. They have the ability to avoid trouble, and when it cannot be avoided, the can protect a client through a variety of means.


A Criminologist is an expert in crime scene investigation. They have an amazing eye for detail and a knack for noticing important evidence hidden among piles of related but seemingly useless information. The Criminologist is one part detective, one part investigative reported, and three parts scientist. And, once they get a promising lead, they are relentless in pursuing it to its final conclusion.


The fearless Daredevil risks life and limb to perform death-defying acts. When you need a stunt person, an extreme sports enthusiast, or someone with the know-how to stage a dangerous-looking spectacle or to success at a stunt that no one else in their right mind your even attempt, then call on a Daredevil. The Daredevil can perform physical stunts and vehicle stunts, understands the magic of entertainment-industry special effects, and is tough enough to take on a dangerous stunt, succeed at the stunt – and survive.

Dead Shot

The Dead Shot is an expert at the use of longarms. Sometimes a hunter, sometimes a tactical marksman, the Dead Shot trains their mind to be calm, their eye to be sharp, and their nerves to be strong as steel. A Dead Shot’s abilities give them equal potential for good or evil. With their skill, a Dead Shot can take down a target before the danger is even sensed.


A Doctor is a specialist in life sciences, able to deal with life and death situations. Without access to competent medical personal, space exploration can be a fleeting career. Most doctors are ethical and honorable. Their only goal is to preserve life and protect their crew. There are, of course, exceptions to the rule.


Anyone who manages to survive that first terrifying thrill of blasting into space in the minuscule cockpit of an ultralight fighter can develop a lifelong love for it. Dogfighters are usually thrill-seekers and hotshots, but they are also extremely good at what they do. If they’ve survived long enough to log a dozen missions, their probably among the best pilots in the galaxy. Dogfighters revel in the feeling of power they get from being in control of an armed rocket, and they know just how to make that rocket do just what they want it to do.


The tank. The Dreadnought (not to be confused with the starship of the same classification) excels at knocking down foes while fearlessly standing their ground. The Dreadnought’s nearly irresistible power conses from a strict exercise regimen supported by vitamin supplements, surgical operations designed to strengthen bones and enlarge muscles, and meditation techniques. The Dreadnought’s power and resilience make them ideal for infantry units, insurgence teams, and secret service protective agencies.


An Enforcer is a person who believes that might makes right – and has spent a great deal of time making sure he or she has got enough might to get what is wanted. Often the Enforcer is a small time hoodlum, but they could also easily be a bodyguard or security officer. Although Enforcers tend to bully people, some do this with a nobble goal, and can work to make a neighborhood safer just as easily as victimize it.


Engineers are vital members of any industrialized society, responsible for building and maintaining weapons, vehicles, starships, and more. Although many Engineers confine themselves to workshops, garages, and shipyards, many are drawn to a life of adventure and prefer to ‘work in the field.’ Some of the best and brightest Engineers ply their trade aboard starships, on distant colonized worlds, and in the battlefield. Every organization that depends on technology relies on their knowledge. Engineers use their knowledge of how things are put together to more effectively take things apart and are often called to bypass security measures or whip up special weapon for field troops in dangerous situations.


Driven by a thirst for knowledge, an unyielding curiosity, or a craving for adventure, the Explorer lives to plumb the unknown. The Explorer might serve their own agenda, or a larger organization. Regardless of loyalties, the Explorer’s investigative talents serve them well when unraveling the secrets of vanished cultures, mapping new star systems, surveying distant planets for eventual colonization, or unearthing the treasures of ancient dynasties. The Explorer’s survival skills also make them an excellent scout and guide.

Field Medic

The Field Medic brings medical care to the patient, wherever the patient happens to be. On the field of battle, at a disaster area, or in the wilderness far from the nearest hospital, the Field Medic treats injuries and diseases, tends wounds, and even performs complicated surgery to save lives and ease suffering. As a member of a team, the Field Medic is indispensable. He has the talent and the skill to provide excellent health care in even the most trying of circumstances. With a medical kit, a surgery kit, and a little time, the Field Medic can often perform the impossible – or at least do the best possible when no other help is nearby.

Field Officer

The Field Officer coordinates armed forces in the field. A natual leader with the heart of a warrior, the Field Officer knows how to direct allies and lead by example. The Field Officer’s tactical knowledge gives his team an edge in any conflict, and is not is not afraid to get dirty or bloody in the process of completing a mission. A Field Officer might command a small counter-terrorist team, a group of well-trained soldiers assigned to “black ops” missions, or a team of undisciplined mercenaries who require strong leadership.

Field Scientist

The Field Scientist spends most of their time away from the Laboratory, performing hands-on research and working in the field as an expert on either a single topic or a multitude of topics. An adventurous archeologist who’s comfortable raiding dark tombs and dodging ancient traps fits into this advanced class. So does a hazmat specialist, an oceanographer willing to dive into the water and swim with the sharks, a meteorologist who chases tornadoes, a military mission specialist with a scientific background, a criminal psychologist who profiles crime scenes, and a zoologist eager to hunt crocodiles and handle poisonous reptiles.

Gentle Warrior

A Gentle Warrior is a student of one or more of the soft-form martial arts – those that emphasize holds and trips over punches and kicks. Even more than other martial artists, the Gentle Warrior’s philosophy teaches that restraint, humility, and nonviolence mark the path to happiness, health and long life. They may develop their skills to aid their career – perhaps as an officer of the law or a bodyguard – or may choose this as a calling, becoming a teacher and example to others. The Gentle Warrior learns to bend like a reed in the wind, and to turn other’s violence and aggression into peaceful tranquility.


The Gunslinger knows everything there is to know about handguns of all types. Whereas the Martial Artist develops the body into a perfect weapon, the Gunslinger trains the mind and body to work in concert with handguns. The Gunslinger can be a mercenary or modern day knight, defending the weak and the innocent with a pair of blazing pistols instead of a sword and shield.


Haulers make their livings plying the spaceways. These characters never care to spend much time in port, because there is money to be made through motion. A Hauler stays in port just long enough to sell wares, and pick up any juicy rumors as to what might be needed or in short supply further along the route.


The Hotshot think they are the universe’s gift to piloting. For the most part they are correct. Hotshot’s tend to be short-lived, romantic characters, which are remembered much longer than they live. Hotshots are not freighter captains, nor are they interested in just getting safely from place to place. These characters seek out situations where they test their skill, always seeking to ’push the outside of the envelope."


The Infiltrator can break into places others wouldn’t dream of, find what they seek, and back out again while eluding or evading anyone who would try to stop them.The Infiltrator is a master of stealth, breaking and entering, and second-story work. They have connections to the underworld or at least know their way around the seedier environments.

An Infiltrator can be a cat burglar or a spy, or may just have all the skills necessary to accomplish missions for whatever agency will pay.


The Investigator might be an intrepid reporter or a photojournalist. They could be a private investigator, or a detective with a law enforcement agency. The Investigator uses wisdom and deduction, as well as a lot of hard work, to get to the solution of whatever mystery presents itself. One investigator might prefer an intellectual challenge, while another might prefer wading into trouble or engaging in a firefight while solving a crime.


Like trade and research, conflict is one of the endeavors that has followed mankind into space, and in any conflict, the Marine stands on the front line. Although personal, face to face combat has been reduced in importance by the advances of technology, there is only one way, a way that has not changed since the dawn of time, to completely vanquish your opponent. Get on the ground. Take the fight to him.

Marine Commander

Marine Commanders are tougher than you. Just admit it and get over it. These hard bitten men and women have seen more combat, in more stinking dives of the galaxy, than you’d ever want to see. And not only have they survived, they’ve prospered.

You want them on that wall; you need them on that wall. Just get out of their way and let them do the job you don’t want to do.

Martial Artist

The Martial Artist is a student of one or more martial arts disciplines. To the Martial Artist, these disciplines represent more that self-defense and combat expertise. The training includes a profound philosophy that teaches restraint and humility. The Martial Artist works to master the mind as well as the body, attuning both to work in harmony through learned techniques. A Martial Artist might develop their combat skill and philosophy to aid their career as an agent or law enforcer, or might become an independent operative whose entire person is a weapon.


Mercenaries are professional Marines who fight for profit. They provide a service to the highest bidder, and due to the fact that their profession is based upon competition, this service is among the best available.


The Negotiator finds a way to mediate the most violent disputes, haggle the best business deal, and reach a compromise with the most dangerous criminals. When a hostage situation takes center stage, the Negotiator is there to offer calm guidance and direct things to a peaceful solution. Got a jumper on a ledge? Call the Negotiator. Need someone to close a big contract? Call the Negotiator. And when the talking ends and the situation remains volatile, the Negotiator knows how to mix it up and close the deal – in whatever manner is necessary.

Operations Expert

The Operations officer (often called Ops) on a starship specialized in maximizing the power of the ship’s engines during battle and the maintenance and repair of the ship. During battle, Ops can divert power away from the less vital ship functions to ensure the ship lives to see another day. An Operations Expert also directs the ships damage control efforts to keep the hull intact. On smaller ships the Operations Expert also serves as the ship’s engineer but on larger vessels these characters work hand in hand with the engineering staff to ensure the ship always runs at peak performance.

Opinion Maker

An Opinion Maker is a person whose words carry weight in the arena of popular opinion. This is the politician, the pundit, the motivational speaker. All that really matters is when they say something, people pay attention and remember what they heard. What’s more, they usually believe what the Opinion Maker says.


The Personality is in the public’s eye by day, while working for S1 (or the agency or organization of your choice) by night. A movie star, or talk show host, high profile community leader or politician, world-famous novelist or self-help guru – all these and more fit into the Personality advanced class. The Personality is recognizable, has some amount of fame and a following, and often has the reputation and wealth (or the illusion thereof) to go along with the spotlight. A Personality might be simply be famous because of who they are, ot they may have earned their states by what they’ve done. The Personality could be an entertainer, a celebrity, a dilettante, a politician, or bored offspring of one of these public personalities. The trick is that the Personality uses their fame to advance their other career – as an agent or operative in Department 7 or some other covert organization.

Pirate Captain

Pirates (or Privateers, depending upon whose side you find yourself) are the masters of capturing ships and their cargo. Pirates can work either as individual outfits or as mercenary service providers for the unscrupulous.


The Profiler is an expert in understanding how other people (particularly criminals) think. After studying a subject, they have the ability to accurately predict how they would react to a specific situation, what choices would be made, and how the subject would feel in a certain set of circumstances.

Profilers are often used by security agencies to help gain insight into criminal behavior and motivation. A good Profiler can help predict when and where a criminal will strike next, why the criminal acts in certain ways, and even details of how the execute their crimes.


The Scientist is a specialist in “pure” science. Many people’s reason for being in space in the first place is scientific study. There are moons to study, primitive life forms to monitor and enormous storms to observe.


The Smuggler is a Hauler of sorts, but Haulers who deal in gray areas, dealing in trade that stands outside of local sanctions. If there’s a market for it, a Smuggler will get it, and find a way to get it past customs.


A Soldier is a trained warrior, as good with a gun as with a knife or some other melee weapon. Some soldiers come out of formal military programs or law enforcement academies. Others acquire their skills on the field of battle. The Soldier may be a dedicated idealist or a profit-seeking mercenary, a hired gun or a highly skilled adventurer. In all cases, the Soldier learns how to defeat their enemies, to complete their missions, and ultimately, to survive.

Space Monkey

Willing to tackle almost any challenge for cash, Space Monkeys are ideally suited for galactic “grunt work,” able to complete straightforward missions in difficult environments with little or no supervision. Small teams of Space Monkeys are often called upon to explore new planets, build habitats on them, and sometimes to prepare them for colonization.

Starship Commander

Command is both a burden and a privilege. Starships, like most groups of people, operate best when there is a clear line of command. Space is often a dangerous, stressful place to be, and during times of stress, knowing who is in charge can be the difference between life and death. The Starship Commander is an expert strategist familiar not only with advanced tactics and military history, but also with winning the hearts and minds of the crew.

Starship Officer

Starship Officers make up the middle ground between Starship Commanders, the other core classes, and the large numbers of nameless crew that are needed to run any large Starship. The other base Classes, such as Doctor, Engineer, Marine, Scientist, and Pilot are found on starships in great numbers, serving in specialist roles. The Starship Officer, on the other hand, is a generalist, trained in all aspects of ship operations. While not as good at any one facet of running a Starship as a Pilot or Engineer or Scientist, the Officer’s ability to move from role to role, filling in as needed, makes them a valuable addition to any crew. Many specialists take levels in this class to become better acquainted with ship operations, and to rise in rank (and pay scale).

Starship Pilot

Pilots are more disciplined than their Hotshot counterparts, and even when these two types of fliers find themselves on the same side of a battle, there is often a friendly rivalry between the two. Pilots see Hotshots as undisciplined speed demons out for a quick thrill, while Hotshots see Pilots as stiff, and unwilling to take the big risks necessary to win a dogfight.


A Survivalist is someone who enjoys spending time in the deep wilderness. They have the knowledge, training, and experience to live under conditions others could call ‘less than primitive’. Moreover, the Survivalist thrives under these conditions. The character knows where to find food and fresh water, how to prepare proper shelter, and what plants and animals are dangerous (and which are edible). The Survivalist is the kind of person who can walk into the wild with nothing but the clothes on their back and come back a week later looking healthier and happier than ever.


Swindlers use their keen understanding of chance and probability to manipulate others – often for profits, but sometimes for other ends. To them, luck is the supreme force that created the universe, and it governs how everything in the universe interacts. Swindlers gamble on their ability to be in the right place at the right time, and through their actions, they can alter the fortunes of others for good or ill. The craftiest Swindlers learn new ways to manipulate their own luck as well, allowing them to beat the odds more often than the laws of probability would allow.


A skilled, if somewhat quirky technician, the Technosavant combines natural genius with expert training to become a master of technology and technological devices. As an avid collector of robotic, cybernetic, and computer hardware, they often seem more comfortable around machines than living, breathing beings. They use their mechanical aptitude to solve everyday problems, and they communicate with one another in a language consisting of common words interlaced with trendy yet impenetrable technical jargon – much of it invented from scratch.


The Tracer is always looking for someone or something, stalking their elusive quarry with unyielding resolve. Expertise in pursuing fugitives makes them the ideal bounty hunter. Sometimes the Tracer’s skills are put to the test tracking down missing persons or packages. The tracer’s skills also make them excellent assassins. Regardless of how the Tracer earns their keep, they invariably find what they search…or die trying.

Advanced Classes

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