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A character class is a frame upon which you build your hero. It isn’t meant to be rigid or confining. Instead, a class provides a starting point from which you develop your character as you see fit. Don’t think of a class as restrictive; instead, a class is defining. When you choose a class for your character, you’re laying the foundation of a concept that will grow and expand as you play. How you develop your character is entirely up to you. You get to choose skills and feats as you advance – and you can take levels in other classes as you go along to better develop the concept at the core of your hero.

At 1st level, your character is just starting a career. Choose the basic class that works best as the core of the character you envision, but be aware that you will want to add other classes to the mix as your character advances to develop the hero in specific ways.

The Basic Classes

(also see Advanced Classes)

Six basic classes are available. Characters with levels in one or more classes are called heroic characters. Heroic characters have action points and talents where ordinary characters do not, making hero characters harder to beat in most situations – which means they can perform dangerous or heroic acts more frequently. The six basic classes are as follows:

The Strong Class

Levels in this class demonstrate training in athletic endeavors.

The Fast Class

Levels in this class indicate training in agility, hand-eye coordination, and reflexes.

The Tough Class

Levels in this class indicate physical fitness, health and stamina.

The Smart Class

Levels in this class provide the means to improve a character’s reasoning and skills.

The Dedicated Class

Levels in this class demonstrate a devotion to a cause, an ideal, or a higher purpose. The Dedicated heroes’ class features revolve around investigative, empathetic, healing, and spiritual devotion.

The Charismatic Class

Levels in this class indicate training in winning friends and influencing people with a combination of charm, confidence, and charisma. The Charismatic hero can be a leader, a celebrity, a con artist, or a flirt.

Moving beyond the beginning

The Multiclass Character

As your character advances in level, you can add new classes. A character with more than one class is called a multiclass character.

Advanced Classes

Few heroes remain in the basic classes as they gain levels. Eventually, an advanced class beckons, providing your character with new opportunities to grow.

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