Cyclone, Hurricane, Typhoon

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This ferocious storm is known by different names in different areas, but no matter what it is called, it is one of the most fearsome and potentially lethal of all weather phenomena. The wind velocity can be from 80-180 mph (1D6X20+60) (and possible even higher on certain worlds). It is strong enough to damage even stone structures. Any characters or creatures not in places of secure shelter when the storm hits are in danger of being literally blown away.

One day before a hurricane reaches land in a seacoast area, the area will be drenched by a lightning storm (see Extreme Precipitation). A hurricane will not move much more than 10 miles inland, but the storm around it’s center will extend at least another 50 miles inland.

A hurricane moves in a general direction away from the equator. After it hits land, it will follow the coastline for 1 or 2 days before veering back out to sea. The storm is accompanied by torrential rain, up to twice as heavy as downpour precipitation (downpour = more than 1½" rain). In addition, the wind of the hurricane drives sea water ahead of it, forming a tidal wave that can flood low-lying areas as far as 3 miles inland.

Hurricane winds revolve around a central calm area known as the “eye”. After spewing forth winds and rain in a certain area for six hours, the storm will abruptly subside as the eye passes over the location. The sky will clear partially or entirely and wind velocity will drop to practically zero. Then, after 30 to 60 minutes the storm will mount to its full fury again as the second half of the disturbance passes over the area. Six hours later, the hurricane will have passed, and “only” a vigorous rainstorm will remain for the next few hours until the storm center moves entirely out of the area.

For three days in a row beginning with the day the hurricane hits, the Day-To-Day Change Table is not used. On the day of the hurricane, the temperature will remain constant, and precipitation and wind speed will be as described above. For two days after the hurricane, the temperature will not vary by more than one step either way from the temperature on the day of the storm (roll 2D6: 6 or less = 1 step down, 7 = no change, 8-12 is one step up.) During those two days there will be no precipitation, and wind velocity will not be greater than 10 mph (from the prevailing direction.)

Cyclone, Hurricane, Typhoon

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