Financing Starships

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Starships are not cheap. The first thing any would-be space explorer is going to have to do is round up some financing. For the spacer with a little savvy (and a good Tech to hold things together), some cheap parts can be found at the Junk Markets. Scavenger Trawlers pull into port all the time with pieces of derelict hulks hundreds of years old. Since objects do not really age or corrode in space, these parts are as good as they were 200 hundred years ago. However, something caused that ship to become a derelict, so caveat emptor is the word to wise. Maybe you could win a ship in a card game, or even (if you’re really desperate) get a job. In the end, how hard (or easy) it is for the characters to come across their ships is a function of the kind of campaign the GM wants to run as anything else. If the GM wants the characters to all be members of an elite fighter squadron, then obviously someone is going to supply these hotshots with their ships. If the characters are engaged in backroom deals and black hearted maneuvering in the Corporate Home Office on Ganymede, they might never need a ship. Some options for finding, begging, or borrowing your way into the cockpit of that dream ship appear below.’

Working for a Hauling Company
Indentured Servitude – Tenant Hauling
Building Your Own Ship
The Junk Market

Financing Starships

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