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Use this skill to earn money through games of chance, including poker, roulette, and betting on horse races. Gamble does not apply to games in which luck is the only factor, such as slot machines or lotteries.

Check: To join or start a game, you must first pay a stake. You set the purchase DC if you start the game, or the GM sets it if you join a game. Stakes run from penny-ante (purchase DC 4) to astronomical (purchase DC 24). You cannot Take 20 when purchasing a stake.

If the stake is within your means (it is equal to or less than your Wealth bonus), you stand no chance of winning any significant amount. You might come out ahead by a few credits (or a few hundred, or even a few thousand if you’re extremely rich), but the amount is not enough to affect your Wealth bonus. Since paying the stake didn’t cost you any points of Wealth bonus, you don’t lose anything either.

If the stake is higher than your Wealth bonus (before applying any reductions from purchasing the stake), you get a +1 bonus on your Gamble check for every point the purchase DC is above your Wealth bonus.

Check Result Difference Wealth Bonus Increase
10-19 +2
20-29 +3
30-39 +4
40 or more +5

Your Gamble check is opposed by the Gamble checks of all other participants in the game. If playing in a casino, assume the house has a Gamble skill modifier equal to the stake purchase DC. Regardless of the stake purchase DC, the house does not get a bonus on its Gamble check for the purchase DC. If there are many characters participating, the GM may opt to make a single roll for all, using the highest Gamble skill modifier among them and adding a +2 bonus to the check.

If you beat all other participants, you win and gain an increase to your Wealth bonus. The amount of the increase depends on the difference between your check result and the next highest result among the other participants.

Try again?: No, unless you want to put up another stake.

Special: You can’t Take 10 or Take 20 when making a Gamble check.

A character with the Confident feat gets a +2 bonus on all Gamble checks.

Time: A Gamble check takes 1 hour.


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