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Grappling means wrestling and struggling hand-to-hand. It’s tricky to perform, but sometimes you want to pin foes instead of killing them, and sometimes you have no choice in the matter. For a creature, grappling can mean trapping you in a toothy maw or holding you down so it can chew you up.

There are three stages to grappling: grabbing, holding, and pinning.


Normally, a grab is just the first step to starting a grapple. If you grab another character but fail to hold onto them, you don’t actually start a grapple. However, sometimes all you want to do is grab the target (such as grabbing a horse that starts to flee).


Once you’ve establish a hold, you’re involved in a grapple. From a hold, you can attempt a number of actions, including damaging or pinning your opponent. You can’t get a hold on any creature more than two size categories larger than yourself. (However, such a creature can get a hold on you! So while you can’t initiate a grapple with a creature more than two size categories larger than you , you can still end up in one.)


Getting your opponent in a pin is often the ultimate goal of a grapple. A Pinned character is held immobile.

Grappling Actions Joining A Grapple
Grapple Check Multiple Grapplers
Grappling Consequences Starting a Grapple
Grapple Modifier


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