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The development of the Nation-State in the 19th century became so top heavy that by the early 21st century it had developed into a tightly organized syndicate of inter-related agencies, all of which were self-serving and self-originating. Even in democratic nations (such as the U.S.) the political actives (who were supposedly elected by the choice of the people) had complete control over the selection process through tight manipulation of the education system, the media, and military; even the vote counts themselves. The ruling class was a separate organization that existed planet-wide – thus instilling a fear of a ‘one world order’ in the general populace – which had little choice but to partake in the game – voting for whoever the political class presented as their options for ‘leaders’

Leaders were those in power. They simply did whatever they wanted and by time the year 2012 came around, they had seized the largest portion of the entire planet’s wealth, secreted into secret holds located at various places around the planet. In the U.S., when the 2012 presidential elections came, the general populace had ‘had enough’. Support for the offered candidates was so minuscule that the manipulation of the media, which displayed cheering throngs surrounding loving candidates was so obvious that it brought about a revolution in how media was viewed: television stations were boycotted, inundated with mail, phone calls, and then, increasingly, threats and actual acts of violence. Two popular candidates emerged, neither of which were allowed into ‘the debates’ nor given any main stream media time. Unfortunately for the ruling establishment, even this had no effect on the political climate of the nation – the people had made a choice, and it was to abandon the political establishment.

In the spring of 2012, an attack was staged by an (at the time) unknown group on Hoover Dam. It was completely destroyed in a display of military precision – and the ensuing damage was devastating. Electricity and water were cut off for major cities, flooding washed out towns, farms and ranches all the way into the gulf of Baja

Proclaimed a ‘terrorist attack,’ the political establishment moved immediately to declare total martial law on the U.S. The borders were closed, masses of people were interred into large FEMA camps that had already been built and stocked for such a purpose several years earlier. Interestingly, the interments were politically motivated – proof of suspected ‘terrorist collaboration’ consisted of the millions of previously recorded emails, forum postings, traced phone calls, records of political mailing lists, and even voting records. Nearly 20% of the entire U.S. population was jailed or moved to these camps. The military was called out of more neutral nations and returned to the U.S. to be posted as protective services in cities around the nation. Military personal were required to take an oath to the office of the President to replace the previous oath to defend the U.S. Constitution. The election process was terminated; the claim was that the nation needed ‘consistent leadership at this time of crisis’ and that the elections would return when ‘order’ had been restored to the nation.

For several months this went on. The economy of the nation suffered tremendously; production had almost ground to a halt. The political establishment declared that this was the work of political enemies around the world – China, Russia, and many European nations were portrayed as global anti-democracy terrorists, withholding trade from the U.S. in an attempt to force the government to ‘convert to the evils of socialism’ and destroy our prosperous, capitalist society. In order to restore the economy and feed its people, the U.S. government converted the FEMA interment camps into work camps, creating a forced labor resource. Because these people were considered enemies of the U.S., and imprisoned as combatants, they were not afforded the protection of law, and the entire program soon turned into a situation similar to Stalin’s camps in Siberia. Thousands died or were executed for minor offenses.

In the middle of 2013 this changed. Several ranking political officials risked their lives to capture a major media studio, where they broadcast a live program for several hours until it was bombed into dust. In the broadcast, incontrovertible evidence was presented that the destruction of Hoover Dam was an ‘inside’ job – planned and executed by the Federal government in an attempt to shake the nation into submission. Evidence was also presented that showed Federal Government participation in the destruction of the World Trade Center in 2001, as well as innumerable covert activities around the world – all previously blamed on terrorist activities.

July 17, 2013, was the end of the United States as a world power. On that day, nearly 90% of the military simply walked off post and joined the raging throngs that rioted through government offices and centers all over the country. The FEMA camps were opened and destroyed. Thousands died, including many of the ruling establishment that had not moved fast enough to leave the nation before trouble got too intense.

By the middle of August that year, almost all of the world’s economies had entirely collapsed. Having been built on a world-wide syndicate of inter-related banks and protective services, fueled by fiat money and central-banking credit manipulation, the collapse was a stack of dominoes. Life, for several years, became very rough. World-wide trade stopped as shippers, who had for decades been subsidized by taxation of the local citizens, were left without a means of funding. AS economies crashed, trade became localized – people lived at bare subsistence, and chaos seemed inevitable.

Throughout the world gangs of ex government agents (military and civilian) attempted to re-establish regimes in which they had positions of control. They ran into two main obstacles, however. The first was that it was simply too expensive to maintain a huge power structure, and second, the growth of classical liberal thinking that had begun in the early 15th century had blossomed into a full fledged understanding that the age of kings was over. People had begun to understand that the people themselves could provide all the services they needed, at a much lower cost, and with a higher rate of success. Groups of armed men who attempted to set up ‘governments’ (a term that was rapidly becoming obsolete) were viewed as pirate raiders and more often than not were either exterminated entirely or chased out of the area by armed citizens.

Within the next century, the Nation-State was a thing of the past. Instead, versions of ‘city-states’ began to appear across the globe. The large majority of these, however, barely resembled the early Greek cities, if at all. Most had no formal rulers – at the most, a council of citizens who showed a natural inclination to problem solving were available for dispute resolution, and other forms of counsel. The majority of these communities instead were ‘contracted’ – anyone wishing to reside in the city or use its services was required to sign a contract that stipulated terms granting access and freedoms within the city limits.

In general, except for a few experimental locations and ‘conservative’ bastions that held to the ideas of monarchy or feudalism, all services available were subject to the freedom of competition – services that did not deliver simply failed. As this model became more and more successful, and global wealth began to increase, market-based economics became the standard idea, and the notion of kings and other rulers became a quaint idea from the past. Over the years, economy began to improve.

Moving into space

By 2200, humanity had left it’s temporary ‘dark age’ and moved on into an era of massive technological advance. A colony was built on Earth’s moon, and humanity began its historic advance into terraforming. Because of the presence of water, ice buried beneath the moon’s surface, it was possible to create greenhouse farms and use the moon’s soil to grow various forms of algae and other simple plants. As technology advanced, the process became more rapid. Because of the weak gravitational field of the moon and a virtually non-existent magnetosphere, it is impossible for the moon to have an atmosphere, but underground colonies quickly became cities as the moon became an agricultural source for the earth, as well as a tourist destination and eventually a launch point for deep space travel.

Space Cowboy – by Kurt Krueger


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