Knowledge (business)

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You have a knowledge of business procedures, investment strategies, and corporate structures. Bureaucratic procedures and how to navigate them.

Check: You make a Knowledge check to see if your character knows something. The DC for answering a question within your field of study is 10 for easy questions, 15 for basic questions, and 20 to 30 for tougher questions.

Appraising the value of an object that can be performed using Knowledge. The DC depends upon how common or obscure the object is. On a success, you accurately identify the object’s purchase DC. If you fail, you thing is has a purchase DC 1d2 higher of lower than its actual value. Failing by 5 or more generates a price difference of + or – 1D4+2.

Try again? :No. The check represents what you know, and thinking about a topic a second time doesn’t let you know something you never knew in the first place.

Special: An untrained Knowledge check is simply an Intelligence check. Without actual training, a character only knows common knowledge about a given subject.

You can Take 10 when making a Knowledge check, but you can’t Take 20.

A character with the Educated Feat gets a +2 bonus on any two types of Knowledge checks.

Having 5 or more ranks in a specific Knowledge skill provides you with a +2 synergy bonus when making a related skill check. For example, a character with 5 or more ranks of Knowledge (earth and life sciences) could get a +2 synergy bonus when making a Treat Injury check in certain situations.

Time: A Knowledge check can be a reaction, but otherwise requires a full-round action.

Knowledge (business)

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