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Use this skill to hear approaching enemies, detect someone sneaking up on you from behind, or eavesdrop on a conversation.

Check: Make a Listen check against the DC that reflects how quiet the noise is that you might hear or against an opposed Move Silently check.

DC Sound
-10 A battle
0 People talking
5 Person in medium armor trying not to make noise
10 unarmored person trying not to make noise
15 1st lvl hero sneaking
20 tiger stalking prey
30 bird flying
5 through a door
15 through a solid wall

Try Again?: You can make a Listen check every time you have the opportunity to hear something in a reactive manner. As a move action, you may attempt to hear something that you failed (or believe you failed) to hear previously.

Special: You can Take 10 or Take 20 when making a Listen check. Taking 20 means that you spend 1 minute attempting to hear something that may or may not be there.

A character with the Alertness feat gets a +2 bonus on all Listen checks.

A sleeping character can make Listen checks with a -10 penalty on the check.

Time: A Listen check is either a reaction (if called for by the GM) or a move action (if you actively take the time to try to hear something.


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