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Trained Only

Use this skill to fly any general purpose fixed-wing aircraft or spacecraft.

Check: Typical piloting tasks don’t require checks. Checks are required during combat, for special maneuvers, or in other extreme circumstances, or when the pilot wants to try something outside the normal parameters if the vehicle. When piloting, you can attempt simple maneuvers and stunts (actions in which the pilot attempts to do something complex very quickly or in a limited space).

Vehicle descriptions include a maneuver modifier that applies to Pilot checks made by the operator of the vehicle.

The Pilot skill determines the craft’s Base Defense, and grants advantages in combat maneuvers. Combat maneuvers carry a -4 penalty to the listed Pilot skill check DC, unless the character has the feat of the same name.

Unless you have the Starship Operation feat, you take a -4 penalty on all Pilot checks to pilot a starship.

The pilot of a starship can make a Pilot check to escape after being held or immobilized by another starship’s grapplers or tractor beam.

Special: You can Take 10 when making a Pilot check but you can’t Take 20.

A character with the Vehicle Expert feat gets a +2 bonus on all Pilot checks.

There is no penalty for operating a general purpose fixed wing aircraft. Other types require the corresponding Operation feats or else you take a -4 penalty on Drive checks.

Time: A Pilot check is a Move Action.


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