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Profession reflects your aptitude for making money at your occupation, whether it’s an in-game job (an agent for Department-7), an out-of-game job (a construction worker who does this between adventures) or something in between (a journalist whose assignments often lead into adventures). Profession relates to your earning potential, and demonstrates an aptitude at developing a career. The more ranks you have in the skill, the more power you have to rise in your chosen field and accumulate wealth.

Check: You make Profession checks to improve your wealth bonus every time you attain a new level. The DC for the check is your current Wealth bonus. If you succeed at the Profession check, your Wealth bonus increases by +1. For every 5 by which you exceed the DC, your Wealth bonus increases by an additional +1. You can’t Take 10 or Take 20 when making a Profession check to improve your wealth bonus.

How many ranks you have in the Profession skill (including ranks you may have just acquired after gaining a level) also adds to the Wealth bonus increase you receive upon gaining a new level. In addition to the Wealth bonus increase you gain from your Profession check result (if the check succeeds), the number of ranks you have in this skill increases your Wealth bonus as follows:

Ranks Wealth Bonus Modifier
1-5 +1
6-10 +2
11-15 +3
16-20 +4
21-23 +5

Special: If your GM deems it appropriate, you can add your Profession modifier when making a Reputation check to deal with a work or career related situation

Every time a character takes the Windfall feat, they get a cumulative +1 bonus on all Profession checks.


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