Self-Destruct System

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A self-destruct system ensures that a starship cannot be captured, dissected for information, or used against its builders. Installing a self-destruct system requires a Demolitions check (DC 30) instead of a Craft check and takes an amount of time as determined by the ship’s type: Ultralight = 1 hour, Light = 10 hours, Mediumweight = 30 hours, Heavy = 60 hours, and Superheavy = 120 hours. If the Demolitions check fails by 10 or more, the system detonates, destroying the ship and possibly harming others nearby

A self-destruct system can be programmed to activate only under specified conditions — usually the coded authorization of the ship’s commander, and usually only after the crew has had sufficient time to evacuate (see Starship Evacuation.

The self-destruct system obliterates the starship (killing all aboard) regardless of how many hit points it has remaining. A starship destroyed by its own self-destruct system has no salvageable parts.

The starship’s self-destruction triggers an explosion of shrapnel that deals collateral slashing damage to all other ships in its fighting space; mediumweight, heavy and superheavy ships also deal collateral damage to ships in adjacent squares. A successful Pilot check (DC 15) reduces the damage by half. The Starship Self-Destruct System Table shows the amount of collateral damage based on the ship’s type.

Purchase DC: Varies by starship type (see the Starship Self-Destruct System Table).

Self-Destruct System

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