Starship Actions

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A starship gets two Move Actions and one Attack Action each round. It can take two move actions followed by an attack action, an attack action followed by two move actions, or attack action sandwiched between two move actions. A ship may choose not to take an attack action on its turn, but it gets only two move actions nonetheless. It can also forgo all of the above combinations and take a single Full-Round Action.

The Starship Combat Round
Starship Attacks of Opportunity

Starship Action Types

As in character combat, starships may make attack actions, full-round actions, move actions, and free action. In a normal round, a starhip can perform an attack and two move actions (in any order), two move actions, or a single full-round actions. It can also perform as many free actions as the GM allows.

In some situations (such as in the surprise round), a starship may be limited to taking only a single attack or move action.

Starship Attack Action Starship Full-Round Action
Starship Move Action Starship Free Action

Special Initiative Actions

Usually a starship acts as soon as it can in combat, but sometimes it may want to act later, as a better time, or in response to the actions of another ship. Starships can delay or ready actions in the same manner as characters.

Avoiding Hazards

A hazard is any unmanned obstacle of Large or bigger that a starship might hit, either because the starship has entered the hazard’s square or because the hazard has entered the starship’s fighting space. Sample hazards include asteroids, clouds of space debris, and electomagnetic storms (which deal electricity damage).

When a starship enters a square occupied by a hazard, or vice versa, the pilot of teh starship must make a Pilot check. (Makiung this check does not count as an action. The DC of the check depends on the size of the obstacle (see the table below). If the Pilot check succeeds, the starship avoids the hazard. If the check fails, a collision occurs (see the Starship Collision Damage Table to determine collision damage to both the starshpi and the hazard). A new check must be made each round the starship and the hazard occupy the same square.

Hazard Size Pilot Check DC

Starship Actions

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