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Use this skill to follow tracks, hunt wild game, guide a party safely through the wilderness, identify signs that vile creatures may be nearby, or avoid quicksand and other natural hazards.

Check: You can keep yourself and others safe and fed in the wild.

DC Task
10 Get along in the wild. Move up to half your overland speed while hunting and foraging (no food or water supplies needed). You can provide food and water for one other person for every 2 points by which your check exceeds 10.
15 Gain a +2 circumstance bonus on Fortitude saves against severe weather while moving up to half your overland speed, or gain a +4 circumstance bonus if stationary. You may grant the same bonus to one other character for every 1 point by which your check exceeds 15.
18 Avoid getting lost and avoid natural hazards, such as quicksand.

With the Track feat, you can use Survival checks to track a character or animal across various terrain types.

Special: You can Take 10 when making a Survival check. You can Take 20 when tracking, or if there is no danger or penalty for failure, but not on periodic checks to get along in the wild.

A character with the Guide feat gets a +2 bonus on all Survival checks.

Time: Basic Survival checks occur each day in the wilderness or whenever a hazard presents itself. When using Survival with the Track feat to track a characater or animal, checks are made according to distance (see Track).


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