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Credits to Purchase DC Conversion Table

Every character has a Wealth Bonus that reflects their buying power — a composite of income, credit rating and savings. Your wealth bonus serves as the basis of your Wealth check, which you use to purchase equipment and services for your character.

Wealth is not a direct representation of a character’s salary or how much money the character has socked away. It isn’t even a reflection on how rich the character is. The wealth bonus simply represents your character’s buying power.

You make a Wealth check to purchase things. This roll is made just like an attack roll or a saving throw. The higher the roll, the better. You are trying to get a result that equals or exceeds the purchase DC of the object or service in question. If you succeed, you can acquire the object or service. If you fail, the object or service is beyond your means at this time.

To make a Wealth Check for your character, roll:

1d20 + your Wealth Bonus

Wealth Bonus

To determine your character’s starting Wealth bonus, roll 2d4 and add the wealth bonus for your starting occupation, plus (if appropriate) the bonus from the Windfall feat.

Over the course of play, your hero’s Wealth bonus will decrease as you purchase expensive items, and increase as you gain levels or make market transaction. Every time your Wealth bonus changes, adjust it on your character sheet.

Your Wealth bonus can never fall below 0, and there is no limit to how high it can climb.


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