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For the ship with Power to burn, afterburners are a great way to get a speed boost in combat. Each type of Afterburner has a Power to Acceleration ratio, with more sophisticated systems being more efficient. However, a ship’s turn modifier also adds or subtracts to the amount of power per Acceleration, so for larger ships this takes a lot of power. If the turn modifier makes the power per Acceleration negative, then the Power stays at 1, but the Acceleration goes up.

Example: Paula has a Capital Starship and wants to add some afterburners to it. If she buys Generation 1 Afterburners, the Capital Ship’s turn modifier (+4) would make them 10:1. Later, having installed a carrier deck on the ship, Paula decides to make those fighters fast and installs Generation 5 afterburners on them. Modifying the afterburners with the ship’s turn modifier (-3), she finds she has a ratio of –1:1. This adjusts to 1:3 (1:1, 1:2, 1:3 for each minus respectively).

Afterburners are not usable for long periods of time, and cannot provide an acceleration bonus to a large journey (they only work for short bursts in combat). For a long journey, use booster rockets or additional engines.

Generation DC Cost Effect
1 18 Converts each 6 Power into +1 Acceleration
2 20 Converts each 5 Power into +1 Acceleration
3 21 Converts each 4 Power into +1 Acceleration
4 22 Converts each 3 Power into +1 Acceleration
5 23 Converts each 2 Power into +1 Acceleration


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