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Initial Description
A race of gaseous, sentient beings indigenous to Laozi, Rigil Kentaurus, Alpha Centauri system. Humans have not yet determined if there are separate genders. They are a hydrogen-based life form that exists in a gaseous state only in heavy, helium-hydrogen atmospheres. They gather nutrients by absorbing atoms.

They are very private, do not communicate readily with “outsiders,” and wish to preserve their cultural purity by not mixing with others. Thus they tend to be isolationists. Psylos strive for seclusion from others but unity among themselves, and under extreme pressure will band together almost as if they have one mind. However they do not have hive mind, just very strong ability to broadcast strongly enough to change the whole atmosphere. They like solitude. At their best, Psylos live separately but working in coordination.

Physical Description
They are a hydrogen-based race of gaseous, sentient beings, existing only in heavy, helium-hydrogen atmospheres. They are not very physical and exist much moreso “in the mind.” Psylos cover a certain area looking somewhat like a cloud or fog, and there is a “border” to their being, although it would certainly not be called skin! They range in colors from pure, gleaming, silvery white to almost smoky, charcoal gray but when they communicate they use all the colors of the rainbow. There are no discernible genders, they do not have hair, nor do they have any appendages. They gather nutrients by absorbing atoms.

There is no information on the history of the Psylos, whether they’ve had wars or thousands of years of peaceful co-existence. There is also no information on the relationships the Psylos may have with other alien races.

Humans have not yet determined if there are separate genders, but by observation it appears that reproduction is via autogamy (self-fertilization). Between themselves, Psylos do not mate but like a cell, they split and become two Psylos and then grow…and split again. However, those who split from each other do tend to stay together in the same general vicinity and work cooperatively. Psylos “family groups” join together to form communities and then some small communities link together to form a larger society.

Having just discovered that they are a life form and not just a gaseous cloud, humans are only aware of Psylos on one planet, but we have no idea if they are indigenous there or if they have traveled across galaxies. We found them in the gas giant system….

No Psylos religion has been determined or observed…yet.


Psylos communicate via colors and pheromones. Their ability to detect subtitles in hues, shades and tints, in combination with certain generated aromas and essences, is far superior to Human senses. Between two Psylos dissemination of information is almost flawless as they virtually “change the atmosphere” and they ARE the atmosphere! Very rarely will a Psylos make any sound at all, but on the occasion they may move or make a gesture, and very rarely they may whistle. There is no known written language and there seems to be no need.


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