Starship Bombsights

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A bombsight is a device used to accurately drop bombs. There are several available.

Type DC Cost Effect
Primitive 15 Allows Bombing Runs
Normal 17 +4 BAB for Bombing
Advanced 20 +6 BAB for Bombing
Smart 22 +8 BAB for Bombing
Advanced Smart 25 +10 BAB for Bombing
Orbital 28 +10 BAB for Bombing, Orbital

Bombsight, Primitive

This device is a downward looking scope, which allows bombs to be dropped much more accurately onto a target. This device allows a ship to conduct a Bombing Run (see Bombing and Bombing Runs).

Bombsight, Normal

This device is more accurate than it’s predecessor.

Bombsight, Advanced

This device is the most accurate Bombsight without the use of “smart” technology. Smartsights are treated as this type of sight if used with a non-smart bomb.

Bombsight, Smart

This device allows the bombardier to actually guide the bomb on its way down, if the bomb is also equipped with smart technology. Otherwise, this device functions as a Bombsight, Advanced.

Bombsight, Smart Advanced

This is just like a Smartsight, only more accurate. This device functions as a Bombsight, Advanced if the bombs used with it do not have smart attachments.

Bombsight, Orbital

This device, when used with smart bombs, allows a ship to conduct bombing runs from orbit (the only way bombs can be dropped by anything other than atmospheric craft), allowing huge capital ships to conduct bombing raids, rather than relying on smaller, more vulnerable atmospheric bombers. If the bombs do not also have smart attachments, this device functions as a Bombsight, Advanced, and will thus not allow a ship to drop bombs from atmosphere.

Starship Bombsights

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