Creating a Starship

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Steps to creating a Starship:

Starships are composed of various components: Hull Type, Star Drive, Defensive systems, Weapons, and Miscellaneous Gadgets. The craft’s Hull determines how much cargo and passengers it can carry, the ship’s Hull Points, a minimum and maximum engine type, and how many weapons ports it has. The Star Drive will determine how fast the craft can go, and how many systems it can power simultaneously. Defensive systems will make the craft harder to hit and/or damage. Weapons will allow the starship to attack other ships. And Miscellaneous Gadgets will allow a ship to do… miscellaneous things.

All Starships come with basic Armor, minimum Particle Shields, Balloon Aerobrakes, a Solar Sail, basic Radar, and Maneuvering Thrusters.

Step 1: Pick A Hull

More than anything, even more than a star drive, hull size and choice will determine what a ship can do. A large ship, with spacious cargo holds, can take that extra space and convert it to anything. A Civ 5 Hull (20 tons of cargo space) could be a troop transport, a science vessel, a gun ship, or a cruise ship. A smaller hull can make a fine craft of any type, but will be much less easy to customize.

Step 2: Pick a Star Drive

Second only to the Hull, a star drive will determine what the ship can do. How fast can it get where it’s going, how many systems can it power.

Step 3: Choose Weapons and Defenses

Now you decide if you want to fight, or run. If you decide to run, go back to Step 2 and pick a better star drive. Trust me. How many weapons each ship can carry is determined by its ports, so make sure you aren’t loading a Civ 2 up with 30 large weapons. Defenses require a careful look at your craft. Armor is nice, but it makes a ship harder to turn. Shields are even nicer, and have no pesky turn modifier. However, Shields are only useful to the ship that has plentiful power.

Step 4: Choose Miscellaneous Systems and Computers

No ship needs miscellaneous systems. However, these
systems improve the performance of a spacecraft in specific ways. By now you should have an idea of what sort of ship you want. If you are looking for a fast ship capable of running and hiding, you probably want Aerodynamic Design (which allows you to land the craft), and Afterburners (giving you a speed boost in return for Power). If you chose an engine whose operating costs are going to bankrupt you, take a Ram Scoop and make the ship more efficient. Steps 4 and 5 are where a ship really begins to take shape.

Step 5: Choose Starship Facilities

In many ways, Step 1 and Step 5 are the most important to determining what a craft is. What is its mission? If the answer is boarding actions, you want loads of marines, which means you want plenty of cargo space for all those troop transport bays. In essence a facility lets a Starship do more with its cargo space than… haul cargo.

Creating a Starship

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