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A starship is an interstellar spacecraft designed for traveling between stars, as opposed to a vehicle designed for orbital spaceflight or interplanetary travel. A starship may be purchased or created from scratch.

Financing Starships

Starship Statistics – the Ship Stat Sheet

These statistics represent baseline models only. A starship’s statistics and performance can be improved by upgrtading its weapons, armor, sheilds, defensive systems, and engines. A starship description contains all of the following statistics:

Attack Stat Ship Defense Stat Ship Pilot Dex Modifier Starship Subtype
Base Purchase DC Ship Gunner’s Attack Bonus Ship Power Core Starship Targeting Bonus
Cargo Capacity Ship Hardness Standard Design Specs Starship Type
Crew Compliment Ship Hit Dice Starship Grapple Modifier Starship Weight
Passenger Capacity Ship Initiative Modifier Starship Length Tactical Speed
Ship Attack Of Opportunity Ship Pilot Class Bonus Starship Size

Pertinent Information

Crew Quality Table
Crew Improvement Table
Stressing Systems
Creating a Starship
Starship Components
Starship Facilities
Starship Combat
Starship Speed
Starship Movement
Starship Condition Summary


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