Weapons and Defenses

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Additional Defensive Systems

A Starship has many dangers to face from outer space even if it does not engage in combat. The Solar Wind and Radiation are the two most common dangers. Thus, every spacecraft is equipped with a Titanium/Gold/Beryllium plating to protect crew and sensitive electronics from dangers, and a Magnetospheric Shield to protect from the charged particles of the Solar Wind. Spacecraft are also armored to protect from micro-meteor impacts.

Starships benefit from both shields and armor, and each of these defenses works in a different way. A Starship may only have one Shield system and one Armor system installed simultaneously. However, both can protect the craft at the same time. When a Starship is hit, damage comes off Shields first, and then is passed onto Armor.

Armor defenses are Ablative. Ablative defenses lose one DR each time they are penetrated by an attack. This damage must be repaired by the Repair skill in the same manner as Hull Point damage.

Shields are Regenerative. When a Shield takes damage, its DR is reduced by the full amount, whether or not that damage penetrates the Shield’s Damage Resistance. Every round, this damage is “repaired” by an amount equal to the free Power possessed by the ship. The Ship’s Engineer may turn off Weapons Systems if he wishes to allow Shields to regenerate faster.

Weapons and Defenses

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